If you run a team that lacks spirit then it can make your workplace a pretty unpleasant place to be in. On the other hand, running a team who are motivated and willing to work together can help to boost achievements and profits. So, this blog post will tell you how to boost team spirit within your own workplace!


Define Team Work
Every member of your team could have a different idea of what team work means, so define this early on to ensure that your expectations are clear and people know what they are working towards.


Once you have laid down your definition of team work, start rewarding people for exhibiting these standards. Having things like monthly rewards to work to will boost team spirit. Similarly, by celebrating team success, for example at the end of the month or after a project (depending on your workplace, of course) you can reinforce the importance of team spirit and motivate your team.

Your Team
The team spirit in your office will also depend on the type of people you hire. By looking for candidates who value team work and have experience of doing so, you can better your changes of a better working environment.


Identify & Eliminate Disruptions
If there are particular members of staff who disrupt team spirit, either by causing negative vibes or refusing to participate, then dealing with this problem will have a positive impact on your workplace. This can involve just having a chat and re-emphasising your expectations, or moving them to another team.


Focus On Strengths
If your employees have particular strengths or weaknesses when working in a team, ensure that you try to put them in a role that plays to the positives, as this will make them feel that they are making more of a valued contribution to the team overall.


Hopefully this has given you an idea of how to boost team spirit within your workplace, and you now feel ready to motivate your team to work hard and achieve more. If you need to hire more team players, check out our handy guide to writing job adverts to ensure you attract the best talent possible: