The mid-day slump is normally caused by one of the three following reasons: heavy workloads, sleep deprivation, or warm work environments. While most of us try to break through this slump with a huge cup of coffee, this may not be the best way of beating it. This blog post will tell you how a few energy boosters so that you can beat the slump without pumping your body with tons of caffeine!


Move around:

One of the best ways to get some more energy pumping through your body is to move around. Walk around the office, walk around outside, walk walk walk. According to the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports three 30 minute walks, for 10 weeks, boosted enthusiasm at work and led to greater afternoon productivity.

The benefit of moving comes from the hormones that exercise send to the brain: serotonin (boosts mood), dopamine (heightens attention), and norepinephrine (controls motivation and attention).

Rest your brain:

According to the Office Club, brain breaks can boost productivity by 34%. They make you feel more energised, allowing you to finish your work day with more energy than the mid-day slump usually provides.

These rest breaks could include you doing yoga or listening to a podcast, depending on what suits you!


Hydrate yourself:

Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches and a struggle to focus. Also, use water to hydrate yourself – not coffee! Being dehydrated is often a problem in warm offices, so drinking regularly throughout the day will allow you to boost your energy, stay healthier and beat that slump.


Hopefully these energy boosters have given you an idea of how to beat your next mid-day slump and re-energise yourself throughout the day! For more tips and tricks on business, HR and recruitment, check out the rest of our blog: