I’ve spoken a lot about Millennials on this blog, but as Generation Z start to filter into the workplace I decided they deserve their own time to shine. This generation includes people who were born from the mid-90s to the early 2000s, so as they begin to enter their 20s and start working, your workplace may have to make some adjustments to welcome them – and this blog post will tell you some of those changes!

Allow them to be competitive

While Millennials often enjoy collaboration, this new generation are more independent and competitive. A lot of these individuals have a “do it myself” mentality, and this inspires an entrepreneurial spirit in them.


Use money to motivate
While Generation Z are motivated by growing both professionally and personally, they are also very money motivated. This is because they grew up during the recession, leading to them valuing money more than Millennials do.

Let them grow their career
This generation are focused on growth, so they will want to invest in companies that will benefit them in this way. This means challenging them, giving them constant opportunities to learn and develop, and allowing them to reach the goals they set themselves.


Focus on technology
Technology has boomed during this generation’s lifetime, and is at the forefront of everything they do. This means that a workplace which embraces technology, and stays on top of the latest developments is more likely to attract and retain young talent.


Don’t communicate digitally
This point may be surprising, especially when I have just said that Generation Z are the most technologically advanced so far, but they actually prefer face-to-face communication. This tends to be because face-to-face communication is more transparent and honest, providing a real professional connection.


This blog post should have given you an idea of how to welcome Generation Z into your workplace, and you now have a bit more understanding of who they are and what they want. If you are about to interview some fresh new talent, check out our interview cheat sheet below: