There are lots of benefits to hiring graduates; they are keen to learn, they are able to adapt without pre-existing habits, and they’re comfortable with technology. Graduation is fast approaching, and graduates will be deciding on the industry they want to work for, the jobs they want to apply for and where (geographically) they want to work). These are a few tips on how to hire graduates which will benefit your recruitment process.


For Millennials, work isn’t separate from their personal life; work life and social life balance each other out. One of the best ways to hire graduates when considering this balance is to offer perks that benefit their lives. This could be smartphones or laptops for them to use in and out of work, which will cost you a few hundred dollars, but the investment may attract candidates who would otherwise go elsewhere.


If you are hiring for the type of position where graduates could show off their work, do some research on them in case they have a personal blog. This will indicate the project quality they are capable of producing, and gives you an opportunity to ask questions and find out some deeper answers.


Another great way to hire graduates is to establish a relationship with certain universities. This will mean that they will help you to identify the best graduates for your company, and by giving honest feedback you can narrow the pool down to the best candidates. This also means that you can choose universities that provide students with employability skills, such as problem solving and team work.

It is also important to remember that Millennials are tech-savvy, so using social media to communicate is a great way to attract them. Ensuring that your social media profiles and website are well constructed and well informed will mean that you are able to engage with graduates easily. This will mean that you need a good brand image, including a catchy brand name, brand handle, brand logo, and to be verified.


As they are always looking to learn and grow, being clear about the opportunities they will have to develop their career is a great way to hire graduates. These candidates will be looking for promotion opportunities as soon as they can, meaning that if you advertise promotion prospects you can better appeal to this generation. Similarly, offering short-term work experience and internships will allow both you and the candidate to figure out whether they are a good fit for the company, industry and position.


There are several reasons why you should hire graduates, and these are a few ways to do it. If you need further help with writing job adverts, check out our guide to writing job adverts: