There are plenty of mistakes you can make when recruiting, especially when trying to hire graduates who have high standards. So, this blog post will tell you some of the mistakes to avoid when hiring graduates!


First on my list of mistakes to avoid when hiring graduates, you need to be aware that you won’t always be able to find the best candidates in the same way, so advertising on just one job board or in one newspaper isn’t always going to be effective. Graduates spend a lot of times on their phone, and are most likely to be using job boards and social media to find a new position, so adapt your recruiting style to these trends!


Job Descriptions
Initially candidates, graduates or not, will judge you on is your job description. This means that it shouldn’t be too complicated, or too full of jargon. Be straight to the point about the job you are trying to fill and the person who can fill it, and graduates will be able to tell whether or not this is them.


Similarly, by advertising a “graduate position” that requires several years’ experience you are actively turning perfectly good candidates away. Of course experience can be important, and some jobs will require experience, but interest and enthusiasm are equally beneficial.

Money Money Money
Graduates are much more interested in their development than their salary. They are conscious of the fact that as they get older they will progress and make more money, so ensuring they have the skills to develop is far more important.


Like the previous point, at the same time as wanting to progress, graduates want to face a challenge. This is one of the main things that will keep them interested and invested in your company, so make them leave their comfort zone so that they can see their results within your company improve and they will feel more secure in the position.


Hopefully these mistakes to avoid when hiring graduates have shown you that you can invest in graduates, and if you treat them right they are likely to stick with your company. If you manage to bring some great graduates in for interviews, consider using our free interview cheat sheet as a handy guide: