Asking candidates the right questions is really important as their answers will give you an idea of whether or not they are the best fit for the job. The important things you need to find out obviously includes skills, but characteristics can be just as important when figuring out whether a candidate is the right choice. Last week we suggested some interview questions to consider, and today’s blog will tell you a few more!

1. What is your greatest achievement?

This tells you about the personal values of the candidate, and allows them to share their proudest achievements with you. An ideal candidate will have high standards for themselves, so look out for really great achievements.


2. Tell me about a time where you got it wrong?

This tests honesty. Some people may reply saying they’ve never made a mistake, which should be a red flag for dishonesty. A great candidate will admit to their mistake, and share what they learnt from it; showing that they can take ownership of problems.


3. Would you like to keep developing your skills?

Lots of companies in this day and age want to continuously upskill their workers. So, education is a great goal for candidates to have. The dream candidate will want to keep learning and building on the skills they already have.

4. How do you feel about relocation and/or travel?

If the role you want to put your candidate forward for is likely to involve either relocation or travel, then it is important to know whether they will be willing to do this before suggesting the job. If the candidate isn’t certain, it may be worth trying to delve further into the reason why they are hesitant.


5. Ask if they have any questions…

A candidate may be too nervous to ask questions without being prompted, and if a candidate doesn’t ask questions then they are missing out. Questions show that they are seriously thinking about the position, so they can be a great sign!


Hopefully this has given you an idea of some of the interview questions you should be asking candidates, and how these questions can give you an idea of what their answers tell you. For more interview tips, you can download our interview cheat sheet!