We already know that candidates will look at around 16 sources when looking for a job. This means that, by investing in your career site, you can find and hire better candidates, spend less money on recruitment, and use your employer branding when recruiting. This blog post will tell you why you should be investing in your company careersite!

Your Brand

By investing in your career site you can keep your brand image consistent, meaning that candidates will have an idea of your company values before they see your jobs. This is helpful, especially when candidates have a tendency to be quite specific about the type of company they want to work for.


Reduce Your Spend
Depending on the position you are advertising, your recruitment can cost you a lot of money – and when you add extra services, such as CV database searching, it gets more expensive. By investing in your company career site, you can make your recruitment process much more cost effective, allowing an escape from potential recruiter fees and commission rates.


Database Growth
When your careersite has been invested in, and candidates are engaged enough to start applying for your positions, you can save the details of screened talent for future use. This means that you are reducing your spend, reducing the amount of time hiring takes, and your talent pool will continue to grow. This also means that you can measure the success of each job post, allowing you to improve your adverts and figure out what works best for you.

Reduced Time Spent
By posting your vacancies yourself, you can take advantage of the fact that online recruitment allows for 24/7 hiring – allowing your advert to be live instantly, and for applications to come in at all times. This also saves you time in comparison to hiring through an agency, as using your own career site can be up to 70% faster.


Search Engine Optimisation
People are searching for jobs all the time, and a lot of these people will search job titles in Google. This means that your careersite needs to be optimised and accessible on search engines – it’s one of the best ways to ensure that the talent you are searching for can find and apply for your jobs. SEO is all about the use of keywords, links and meta-tags, and each page needs to be optimised. All of the content on your site, including things which aren’t job postings, needs to boost your chances of appearing when people search for their new job.


By now you should have an idea of why you should be investing in your company career site, and hopefully you feel ready to get those candidates streaming in with their applications. If you would like a bit of extra knowledge about how a careersite can benefit your recruitment process, click the button below: