We’ve written plenty of blog posts about how to write the best job adverts in the past, but today we thought we’d do a really simple post. This list will tell you the things your job adverts need to include!

Job Title – this needs to be easily understood and attract the reader instantly or they will just scroll straight past. A great resource for finding the best job title is Google Trends and can give you an idea of what candidates are searching for.


Salary – job adverts that include a salary range are far more likely to get more applications, and adverts without a salary range face much bigger drop off rates. So, including a salary range increases your potential candidate pool, and in a world where salaries are becoming far more transparent this is one of the best things to include in a job advert.


Language – address the candidate and use ‘supportive’ language that tells the candidate both what is expected of them and what they can expect from you. One way of using supporting language is to refer to the candidate as ‘you’ (instead of ‘the applicant’), putting them at the front and centre.

Headers – this is the best way to break up big chunks of text and make your advert easier to navigate. The easier to read, the more likely the right candidate will keep reading and apply.


Clear skills – when listing the skills you would like the candidate to have, make sure it is obvious which skills are required and which are desirable. This is because some candidates will apply for roles they are not qualified for purely because they assume certain skills are desired.


Contact details – the final thing to remember to include in your advert is instructions on how to apply (obvious but so many people don’t do this)!


Hopefully this list of the things your job adverts need to include has helped and you are ready to find your dream candidates! For more help with writing adverts, you can download our handy guide below.