If you have a vacancy to fill but you don’t want to use a recruitment agency, then you may be considering online recruitment options.  This blog post will let you know what they are and how they can help.


What are your options?

The two main options for Online Recruitment are Job Board Advertising and Flat Fee Recruitment.

  • Job Board Advertising – you post your vacancy onto one or more job boards in the hopes that candidates will find it and apply.
  • Flat Fee Recruitment – a middleman between Job Board Advertising and Recruitment Agencies. Your advert will be posted on multiple job boards, applications screened, and candidates resourced.

Job Board Advertising – A Rough Guide:

When you post your advert on job boards, you can choose whether it is branded or unbranded.  Job boards tend to encourage branded adverts. Totaljobs said that branded adverts “result in more applications for the client”.

Branded adverts let the candidate know exactly what company they will be working for, giving you a lower dropout rate than unbranded adverts.

A drawback to using Job Board Advertising is that you have to go through every application that comes in (even the irrelevant ones), which can be pretty time consuming.


Flat Fee Recruitment – A Rough Guide:

When you choose Flat Fee Recruitment, your branded advert gets posted onto multiple job boards, meaning that your position gets major exposure.

Another benefit of this method of Online Recruitment is that all of your applications are screened, so that you only have to look at the best ones.

Also, your position will be resourced on multiple job boards.  This means that the Recruiter will search for relevant candidates for your position, and either email out to them in the hopes that they will apply for the position, or upload the candidates in order for you to see them.


The Benefits of Online Recruitment Options:

When using a Recruitment Agency, you have to pay a fee per candidate hired, and this fee tends to be around 15%.  Unlike an Agency, both Job Board Advertising and Flat Fee Recruitment are one cost recruitment solutions, meaning that for one role you can hire 1 candidate or 100 and will only pay one amount.


Hopefully you now have an idea of the online recruitment options available to you, and you know which one is best for your business.  If not, we are offering free recruitment consultations, where one of our experts can tell you which recruitment solution is suitable for you: