Recruitment Resourcing

What is Recruitment Resourcing?

So when dealing with Recruiters you have probably heard the phrase “resourcing” thrown around a few times. But you might not be sure of what that is or how it could benefit your company. If that sounds like you then you’re in luck. This blog post will give you a better idea of what recruitment resourcing is and how it can benefit your recruitment process.

So what is it?

Recruitment resourcing is where a Recruiter will go out to one or more job boards and actively contact candidates about your role. This can bring in more passive candidates who have uploaded their CV to job boards, such as Totaljobs but aren’t actively searching and applying for roles.

This tends to be done by both recruitment agencies and flat fee recruitment companies and is a great way to increase relevant applications.

How is it done?

Resourcers will perform a Boolean search on one or more job board, which will single out specific candidates who are relevant for your role and match specific criteria. These candidates will then be sorted through and the good ones will be contacted (by email or phone call) about your position.


Boolean searches sound a lot trickier than they actually are – they’re actually quite simple. There are five crucial elements to a Boolean search, which are:

  • OR
  • AND
  • NOT
  • “ ”
  • ( )

Each of these elements has a different purpose, and not all of them have to be used every time you do a search. For a more in-depth explanation of Boolean searches check out our handy guide to Boolean searches!

recruitment resourcing

Will recruitment resourcing help your advert’s performance?

This service does tend to bring in applications. As the Resource will contact relevant candidates who are searching for a position just like yours. And try to persuade them to apply for your vacancy.

As well as emailing candidates, Recruiters can resource candidates and download their CV. Making them able to put some appropriate candidates in front of you for who could be put forward for the role.


I hope that this guide to resourcing has given you a better idea. Of what recruitment resourcing is and how it can help with your recruitment process. As I said before. It is a service which is provided by flat fee recruitment companies. such as ourselves at Crunchposter. If this sounds beneficial to you. We are now offering demos of our system to give you a feel for what we do and how we do it – for free!

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