Some employers have absolutely no problem with including a salary range in job adverts, while others are completely opposed to it. There are obviously pros and cons to each side, including cons like allowing your competitors to see your rates of pay. However, for the most part the benefits by far outweigh the drawbacks, and this blog post will tell you a few reasons why you should include a salary range in job adverts!

‘DOE’ means nothing if you don’t provide a salary:

If a candidate sees DOE then they will more than likely assume that they can’t negotiate the salary, and will assume that it won’t rise above whatever their current paygrade is. Meanwhile, if your advert says ‘£30,000 – £35,000 DOE’ it shows them the amount of wiggle-room they have around their current salary and future expectations, with no surprises down the line.


Without it you are eliminating candidates:
Candidates cannot ignore the statistic of salary, and job adverts that include one get around 30% more applications than those who don’t. Why would you choose to shrink your talent pool?


You will attract more Millennials:

Millennials are interested in money, and given that they are starting to fill the workplace we all need to adapt to their wants and needs. If including a salary in your advert is a way to attract them then it seems like a pretty simple decision to me.

The information is out there:
With websites like Glassdoor, where current and previous employees can give their opinion on your company, your salary range is probably already out there. Let them find out through you rather than an unsuccessful interviewee or disgruntled employee.


You’ll stand out:
Plenty of companies still don’t publish salary ranges on their job, so candidates who are looking through job boards will be more likely to apply for your position over a competitors. Similarly, while some candidates will decide not to apply because of the salary range, it is far better for them to not apply than to drop out after they have been screened and interviewed. You are saving time and money!


Hopefully this blog post has given you an idea of why you should include a salary range in job adverts, and how it can benefit your recruitment process. If you need help with writing adverts you can check out our free guide below!