Seasonal Employees

It’s nearly Christmas which means businesses will be busier. You may be looking for seasonal employees to help with that surge of business. Luckily for you, these tips will help you to figure out how to hire the best seasonal employees possible!

Planning Seasonal Employees:

By starting early and organising your time well, you can get ahead of the game. Especially, when it comes to finding the best seasonal employees.

What’s inside counts:
Some pre-existing employees may want extra shifts. Offer seasonal bonuses or overtime pay for those who want to work longer hours and meet seasonal demands. You can also use these staff members and encourage referrals. Your employees should know exactly what is required for the business.

Consider advertising to and hiring students by creating partnerships with local schools or universities. These students will be able to gain experience and skills (like customer service) by working with you, and you get your seasonal staff.

Seasonal Employees

Past workers:

If you have previously hired interns or seasonal workers then it could be worth getting in touch with them to see if seasonal work would suit them. This is a great idea if you remember which of your past workers were skilled, as you can target them first.

Stay flexible:

Levels of unemployment are falling. This means you have fewer people to choose from. Offering younger workers more flexibility will make them more enthusiastic about working with you. You can shape the talented, full-time workers of the future.


New hires can be paired with long-term employees in a mentor type system so that you can make the most of short onboarding periods.


Hopefully, these tips have helped to give you an idea of how to hire the best seasonal employees. You should now feel ready to face the upcoming Christmas rush. If you need tips for interviewing these employees, check out our free interview cheat sheet below.