Recruitment can be a pretty stressful process, especially in the busiest periods. However, this blog post will tell you some of our top tips for a stress free recruitment process, which will help you to save time and make your job easier!


  1. Block out your calendar for the day: write a list of tasks that you want to achieve and prioritise them.
  2. Figure out when you are most efficient and schedule the most important/most complicated tasks for that time.
  3. Automate any task you can using an applicant tracking system. This can include screening and sending updates to clients or candidates.
  4. Assess your top performers and the attributes that they bring to your company. Emphasise these important traits in job descriptions and work them into interview questions.
  1. Keep your best employees happy, and don’t give them a reason to want to leave.
  2. Build a talent pool of previously interviewed candidates with the skills and attributes you may be looking for, and contact these candidates if suitable positions arise.
  3. Make interviews more effective by sending out interview forms ahead of time. This saves you time during the actual interview and gives you an opportunity for reviewing the responses beforehand.
  4. Sell the role as you are interviewing, especially when the interview is going well. Convincing the best candidates of how great your company is will save time and make them more likely to accept the job offer later on.
  5. Contact your top candidate as soon as you can – you don’t want them going to another company before you get the chance to offer!


Hopefully these tips for a stress free recruitment process have helped, and you now have an idea of how to make your job slightly easier. If you are in need of help with interviews, we offer a free interview cheat sheet to save you a ton of time!