Employee benefits are sometimes the thing that makes or breaks a job offer, so offering great ones is always a good idea. No matter what your budget there are options, and these are some of them.


  • Maternity/paternity leave – while a certain amount of leave is required, offering more maternity/paternity leave is a great benefit.
  • Flexible schedules and job sharing – this is particularly popular among people with children, as they can fit their work life around their family.
  • Health and wellbeing – this can include mental health services, health insurance, health trackers (such as Fitbit), free healthy snacks or lunches, and gym membership reimbursement. Supporting wellness, be that physical or mental, is a great addition to your employee benefits.
  • Education – by reimbursing any classes or courses you can invest in their knowledge and skills.
  • Unlimited leave – this shows that you trust your employees to manage their workload no matter how much holiday they take, as well as providing them with the option to take breaks when they need them (which will benefit their wellness).
  • Pay for performance – this is a great incentive for your employees to work hard, and will allow them to benefit from doing so.
  • Pet friendly offices – obviously this isn’t practical in all workplaces, but allowing dogs in the office is a great way to boost the mood, even on busy days.
  • Employee recognition – recognising things like years of service, new hires and great achievements is a great motivator for employees.
  • Relaxed dress codes – depending on your business this may not be possible, but allowing for dress down days or generally relaxed dress codes is a nice benefit that will allow employees to feel more comfortable.
  • Cake on your birthday – if your employee doesn’t use their holiday time to take their birthday off, then surprising them with a cake is a good way to celebrate.
  • Transport allowances – this is a good way to be more environmentally friendly, and aids employees who have to commute to and from the office.


These employee benefits are a great way to attract and retain great employees, and benefiting your employees should, in turn, encourage them to work harder. For more tips and tricks surrounding recruitmentbusiness and HR, check out the rest of our blog!