Job apps are quickly on the rise, and could be the future of recruitment. These apps aid candidates in their recruitment search, and recruiters/employers benefit from an increased amount of people applying for jobs. So, in this blog I will be looking into them and trying to answer the question “are job apps the future of recruitment?”


The idea of turning recruitment into a game sounds like it could be a success, and could be the way to engage more candidates. Even the major job boards, such as Reed and CV Library, have their own apps, where candidates can receive job alerts and apply for suitable jobs.


Some of these apps even allow candidates to simply swipe left or right depending on whether they wish to apply for the job or not, which echoes the dating app Tinder – perhaps it’s too easy for candidates to apply like this?


One of the main drawbacks of job apps is that they are still a new concept, so while companies are slightly reluctant to post on them because of a lack of candidates, candidates are reluctant to use them because of a lack of job postings. However, this doesn’t apply so much to apps related to job boards, such as Reed, Monster or Indeed, which appear to be fairly successful.

These apps could be a huge success, however. We know people are on their phones for most of the day, we know candidates will often do their job search on their mobile, we know people like convenience. So surely a solution is to buy into this mobile recruitment, make job adverts short and simple, accessible on mobiles and easy to apply for.


Who knows how job apps will survive in the future, but this could be a great step in the evolution of recruitment. If you are wondering how to write the best possible job advert, check out our free guide: